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Too busy thinking about my comics

July 10, 2011
When I'm sat at the computer and taking a break from things I often take a wander over to Too Busy Thinking About My Comics for some fairly thought provoking writing about the world of superhero comics.  Colin Smith is a fine writer, academic but with heart and humour, and takes the time to reply to pretty much every comment he receives.  During a recent exchange we hit upon a phrase that Colin thought would be great on a business card.  Had to agree so I mocked up a card and here it is.

I went blue because it suited my mood and there is often a good amount of blue and gray around Colin's blog.  If you do drop by, do comment and tell him I sent you.

Cave time

July 7, 2011
Apparently, much to my surprise, I am a "people" person.  I like the company of others, I communicate well and empathise well.  In short I am not the man I thought myself to be.  However I am prone to what my wife calls "cave time", when I want to retreat into my cave, paint on the wall with my hands and club anyone who invades my personal space.  Cave time has been less intense over the last couple of years but because of some emotionally draining events at moment it's come back with a venge...
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Not your daddy's thundercats

July 7, 2011
I don't remember the original thundercats, too old to have been watching unfortunately, but this new version looks very classy. Molly is going to love it I think.
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May 10, 2011
Wordle is very interesting.  It takes text and reworks it into a cloud, like the text clouds you get on some websites.  I don't understand why but I like it.  Here's one from my review of Moebius' Red Cross comic.

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April 22, 2011
I fancy trying something new and I'm considering a quilt.  I have a design based on the story of Red Riding Hood

This is a quickly coloured version of my initial sketch.  Now I'm considering the amount of hand sewing involved and trying to decide if I really want to do it.

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Etsy Store and Urban Sketching

April 22, 2011
Been very focussed recently on Urban Sketching (it's so cool to have a decent name for drawing out and about) and my bird paintings which I'm selling on my newly instituted Etsy Store.  The bird paintings particularly have been a process of rapid memory jogging as I tackled watercolour again for the first time in a few years.  The results have been very pleasing and this is now one of my favourite pieces of my own work.

The paintings are all miniatures, a mere 3 inches square and are getting ...
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Art and suffering

March 2, 2011
I have learnt to doubt the supposed link between suffering and art but this excellent TED talk describes what I think better than anything I could write.  I don't norally go with link blogging but for this I'll make an exception.
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real artists

February 25, 2011
I have, at times, been a very lazy artist.  Not in terms of production, though that has been true too, but in terms of relaxing the drawing muscle and doing what's easy.  I've reached the conclusion that it's very easy to do drawing after drawing of things that come naturally to me, organic forms that adapt to my shakey linework as opposed to buildings and machines.  Further, to accept that is to stagnate and step back from artist to craftman, turning out well crafted items time after time.  ...
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Real racing

February 22, 2011
My nephew Mitchell has had an impressive return to the world of karting after a long break due to a variety of injuries.  He's scarily focussed on his Karting career for a 13 year old and has ambitions for entering the Nascar circuit one day.  Although biased I really think he'll do it too.

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February 10, 2011
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