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real artists

Posted by Peter Bangs on Friday, February 25, 2011,
I have, at times, been a very lazy artist.  Not in terms of production, though that has been true too, but in terms of relaxing the drawing muscle and doing what's easy.  I've reached the conclusion that it's very easy to do drawing after drawing of things that come naturally to me, organic forms that adapt to my shakey linework as opposed to buildings and machines.  Further, to accept that is to stagnate and step back from artist to craftman, turning out well crafted items time after time.  ...
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Real racing

Posted by Peter Bangs on Tuesday, February 22, 2011,
My nephew Mitchell has had an impressive return to the world of karting after a long break due to a variety of injuries.  He's scarily focussed on his Karting career for a 13 year old and has ambitions for entering the Nascar circuit one day.  Although biased I really think he'll do it too.

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Posted by Peter Bangs on Thursday, February 10, 2011,
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Urban sketching

Posted by Peter Bangs on Thursday, February 10, 2011,
Recently I've become fascinated with the Urban Sketchers movement.  I'm aware that I found a comfortable niche drawing people and foliage, organic things, and need to step out of it and urban sketchers are my inspiration.

First attempts are a little shakey, this was the end of a row of rundown garages near my daughter's school.  This is how it looks in Google streetview.

The sketch was drawn with a black Rotring over 6 minutes while sat in the car.

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