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Things to come.

Posted by Peter Bangs on Tuesday, July 14, 2009, In : "things to come" 
Two comics in the works, one, based on an aboriginal dreaming that's elsewhere on this site, is a tale of parental demands and familial failings.  The other is my first story set in Aldenburgh, my Ruritania if you will, and is a tale of lost childhood, memory, guns and love.  One short form, one long form, both to appear on the website once they're underway.  Unemployment hasn't really given me anymore time to draw but it's given me greater incentive.

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Off to a flying start

Posted by Peter Bangs on Wednesday, July 8, 2009,
Test time.  This is a free website which offers the opportunity to upgrade to a "professional" web address.  So I'm gonna take some time to play.
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Peter Bangs Married, two kids, mortgage, working for my wife, looking after our two year old son and frankly terrified. Welcome to my little bit of sanity. I've spent 39 of my 46 years wanting to create stories and comics and achieving very little (a 200 page comic and a 24hour comic 10 years or more ago and very little since) so this is where I'm getting serious. Do work, put it out there, move on. Currently blog, reviews and a bunch of artwork will appear here, comics will be hosted on issuu on the words and pictures page. Now let loose the dogs of war. ( that would have been so much more effective in capitals with lots of exclamation points. )
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