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Too busy thinking about my comics

Posted by Peter Bangs on Sunday, July 10, 2011,
When I'm sat at the computer and taking a break from things I often take a wander over to Too Busy Thinking About My Comics for some fairly thought provoking writing about the world of superhero comics.  Colin Smith is a fine writer, academic but with heart and humour, and takes the time to reply to pretty much every comment he receives.  During a recent exchange we hit upon a phrase that Colin thought would be great on a business card.  Had to agree so I mocked up a card and here it is.

I we...
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Cave time

Posted by Peter Bangs on Thursday, July 7, 2011,
Apparently, much to my surprise, I am a "people" person.  I like the company of others, I communicate well and empathise well.  In short I am not the man I thought myself to be.  However I am prone to what my wife calls "cave time", when I want to retreat into my cave, paint on the wall with my hands and club anyone who invades my personal space.  Cave time has been less intense over the last couple of years but because of some emotionally draining events at moment it's come back with a venge...
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Not your daddy's thundercats

Posted by Peter Bangs on Thursday, July 7, 2011,
I don't remember the original thundercats, too old to have been watching unfortunately, but this new version looks very classy. Molly is going to love it I think.
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