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Busy busy busy

Posted by Peter Bangs on Monday, June 28, 2010,
In the end there are very few measures for a life well lived.  How much joy did you have and how much did you spread?  Living to work isn't what it's about.  To that end Karen and I decided we'd form our own business, or, more accurately, I'd join her training business.  So now I'm a qualified Emergency First Aid at Work trainer, Karen is continuing as a Manual Handling Trainer and I get to spend the larget part of my time at home with my son enjoying him growing up.  If I work five days in a...
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A sketch

Posted by Peter Bangs on Monday, June 28, 2010,
My son Harry is 20 months old and as typical a boy as you can get.  Loves his mother, wrestles his father, annoys his sister, plays with cars and sticks and water and is into everything he shouldn't be.  And when he's quiet he looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.

This sketch was done this morning while he was helping me fill the paddling pool.  He first turned the hose on the dog and then on me.

The hat he is wearing is his tribute to Henry Fonda in "On Golden Pond".

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Peter Bangs Married, two kids, mortgage, working for my wife, looking after our two year old son and frankly terrified. Welcome to my little bit of sanity. I've spent 39 of my 46 years wanting to create stories and comics and achieving very little (a 200 page comic and a 24hour comic 10 years or more ago and very little since) so this is where I'm getting serious. Do work, put it out there, move on. Currently blog, reviews and a bunch of artwork will appear here, comics will be hosted on issuu on the words and pictures page. Now let loose the dogs of war. ( that would have been so much more effective in capitals with lots of exclamation points. )
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