I have, at times, been a very lazy artist.  Not in terms of production, though that has been true too, but in terms of relaxing the drawing muscle and doing what's easy.  I've reached the conclusion that it's very easy to do drawing after drawing of things that come naturally to me, organic forms that adapt to my shakey linework as opposed to buildings and machines.  Further, to accept that is to stagnate and step back from artist to craftman, turning out well crafted items time after time.  To grow as an artist I am stepping outside my comfort zone and drawing things that are difficult for me and in media that aren't my first choice.  Hence the birds in watercolour pencil and photoshop colour, the occassional car and building and this little sketch made at the Milestones Museum in Basingstoke.

This was a 1930's Gales Brewery delivery van.  I was pretty pleased with the quick sketch although I really struggle with tires.  Milestones is a superb museum made up of two streets, one laid out for the 1890's and one for the 1930's, with shops, houses vehicles and other things from the relevant periods.  On top of that they have at times, actors in period costume, playing a part to emphasise some key event.  When we were there I was able to tell my daughter about the struggle for female emancipation in this country with the aid of a lady doctor called Doctor Livewell and though little of it probably stuck with her she briefly understood what won had to do to win her the rights she has today.  I think Molly was suitably impressed.