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Bangs twitches

Posted by Peter Bangs on Friday, December 31, 2010,
As I get older my interests are changing.  One of the interests that seems to be developing is British birds of the feathered variety.  I'm not a committed spotter but I'm finding I need to know more to be able to answer Molly's questions.  Drawing things helps me to know them better so I began drawing birds on small, 3in x 3in cards and rather than add another page to put them on the website they're on a blogsite instead, bangs twitches.  I like them so much so far, that I'm considering an E...
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Pippin and tog

Posted by Peter Bangs on Wednesday, December 22, 2010,
Browsing the web looking for something, I no longer remember what, I was swpet up into a moment of sheer nostalgia.  I don't have an awful lot of strong memories from my childhood, I'm always amazed by people who seem to recollect perfectly everything from the age of 3, but one thing I do remember is Pippin weekly.  This was probably my first comic (sorry, picture weekly.  The word "comic" seems to have been kept mainly to stand up comedians when dealing with the very young pre-school market)...
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John Costanza - throwing tantrums part one.

Posted by Peter Bangs on Wednesday, December 22, 2010,
Finally here's the first set of illustrations by John Costanza from Joy Berry's "Let's talk about throwing tantrums".

The cover, printed on a retina burning pink, is clipped from the first illustration.  Kinda catches the theme of the book perfectly.

I love the artwork.  Costanza's line is loose and fluid, like looking at an old Dennis the Menace panel (US variety).  There's always just enough to tell you what's happening and give a sense of place without bombarding you with information.  Nex t...
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Merry Christmas

Posted by Peter Bangs on Wednesday, December 22, 2010,
This year's Christmas card ended up being digital.  I underestimated the work involved so I'm a little disappointed.  Each card was printed, stapled, with a hand embellished and stamped cover.  The digital version doesn't do it justice.

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