It's been so long since I did any drawing with intentions that extend beyond simply drawing that I was stunned and suprised by a recent opening of the floodgates.  In the past three weeks I've written and sketched out/laid out 28 pages of a children's picture book, begun work on a script of some kind, rewritten and continued the first 6 pages of a western comic, reworked Aldenburgh, a comics magnum opus, and started on thumbnailing after struggling for 2 years with a lack of ending for the story and, finally, got back to working on this website.  It's been a very long dry spell and have to thank Tom Hart, in part, for dragging me out of my block, my blue funk and getting me working again.  Hart put the draft of his how too book on the internet and somehow managed to inspire me.  For all everyone says about free stuff on the web, this action by Tom Hart has guaranteed I will purchase his book as soon as it becomes available.  The book is a creative workbook designed to produce workable ideas.  I'm not normally a fan of these books that claim to promote creative thought but this one has really worked for me, with some intriguing exercises. The website for the book features exercises to help get the creative juices flowing and they're worth while checking out and the blog holds more insights for anybody who wants to create "Not The Marvel Way".  Hart is as interested in the poetry of comics as he is the drama or story which gives this a whole new perspective to most how to do comics books.