Not sure and can't be bothered to check, but I think it was Blanche DuBois in a Streetcar naed Desire who said it first.  The kindness of strangers always, inevitably takes you by suprise, be it the two foriegn girl students who stopped to help me push my car out of a busy road while my fellow countrymen drove by, leaning on their horns and swearing at me, or the departing Editor of the sadly defunct Nickolodeon Magazine, Dave Roman, who sent out care packages of half a dozen magazines to anyone who asked.  I was one of those who asked and a package turned up, addressed to Molly, my daughter, just as she was havng a miserable birthday and half term holiday with a bad bout of flu.

Spongebob Squarepants, bless his yellow little hide, introduced Molly to comics and having a bunch of Nick magazines turn up, in the post, from the USA, made her week long bout of flu much more bareable for her than it would have been.

Nick Magazine had a superb comics section, including work by many of the mainstays of the indy comics scene and even the odd undergrounder like Bobby London.  Dave Roman got a lot of good work out of a lot of very good people and in the process made a lot of kids very happy, (probably will find he's partly responsible for a new generation of cartoonists in ten to twenty years time too) something to be proud of.  If there is an upside to this it is that hopefully Mr Roman will be able to do more work hiself as he's a fabulous cartoonist and writer himself.

So thank you Dave Roman, Blanche Dubois would love you.