I'm not a fan of modern remakes of classic movies, mostly because they rarely match the quality of the original but also because I'd rather see someone make something new and original rather than retread something old.  When I heard that there was a remake of True Grit I had a feeling of horror and disbelief I hadn't felt since Burton's reimagining of Planet of The Apes.  I Just thought WHY?

           Wonderful poster design for the Coen Brothers movie True Grit

Then I found out it was the Coen Brothers with Jeff Bridges in the John Wayne role and I was intrigued.  Then the trailers came out and it looked good, then the reviews came out and they were good....I was pleasantly suprised.  Unfortunately I haven't been able to see it yet and I'm left waiting for a few months after the DVD release when it's available for five quid in the local Supermarket.  But it's been a long time since a movie was released that I was eager to see.   

All of which lead me to a new site I'd not seen before, Internet Movie Poster Awards  which is an excellent repository of movie posters stretching back as far as 1912, although the farther you go back the sparser the posters.