I've always been a big fan of animation in it's many forms, largely thanks to afternoons watching National Film Board of Canada  shorts on BBC2 on a sunday afternoon when I was a kid.  Many of their films had a Punk, DIY, approach long before te idea of Punk became attached to it.  The French probably view it more as an auteur thing.  The NFB website has hundreds of films, including some superb documentaries, available to view for free and is highly recommended.

What brought this to mind though was the trailer for Jim Capobianco's short, hand drawn animation about Leonardo DaVinci.  Capobianco is, apparently, a Pixar animator.  One of the men who brought us Pixars computerised masterpieces.  This is as far from Pixar in style as you can possibly get.  The film looks almost like an artist's sketchbook and is absolutely wonderful.

Check out the trailer at http://www.aerialcontrivanceworkshop.com/projects.html