I'm a regular follower of Leif Peng's superb "Today's inspiration" blog which introduced me to more fine illustrators then I can count.  When I came across the John Costanza illustrations and wanted to verify they were by the well known comicbook letterer, he was the first person I turned to for help.  Leif took a look at the illustrations and contacted some people he knew.  Within less than an hour I had confirmation, from no less than Jerry Ordway, that these pictures were by that John Costanza.  I am over the moon.

I have two books, over thirty illustrations, in what I can only take to be a mopre personal style than Mr Costanza's work on the Simpsons and Looney Tunes comics and since current editions have different and less interesting illustrations by another artist I am going to scan and show all the illustrations here.

The "Let's talk about" booksare a series of popular self help books for kids, dealing with the more difficult emotions, in the form of children's picture books.  The author, Joy Berry, is very well known in the childrearing/self help circles and the books are pretty good as well, mainly due to the lively drawings by John Costanza. 

I'll start scanning tonight once my son is in bed and will put the illustrations up over maybe four posts over the next few days.