Here's a clip of my son, Harry, dancing to his current favourite musical artiste.  Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the musical stylings of..... (drum roll) THE IMAGINATION MOVERS!!!  The crowd of under 5's go wild.   Amazingly, The Imagination Movers are probably the least offensive toddlers and young kids targeted musical tv shopw I've seen to date. The guys involved are normal weird rather than creepy weird (The Wiggles still worry me). They're not stage school brats and their not horrendously young like Hi Five. Best of all their music is kid friendly pastiches of everything from Run DMC to Talking Heads. I usually hate this kind of kid targeted music, don't get me started on Hannah Montana unless it's with a baseball bat, but these guys areactually pretty good. At least I'm not fighting the urge to vomit and pierce my ear drums with a sharp pencil as yet.