Finance has been tight this month so purchases have been minimal.  Being laid off has made me much more selective about what I read and what I buy.  Mostly I'm raiding the local libraries for my comics fix but sometimes you just want to own something.

So I started fishing around for free, downloadable pdf comics and amid a whole load of rubbish I found something truly outstanding, "The Story of an Idea". A twelve page comic by Moebius, yes that Moebius, about the foundation of the Red Cross and it's history and work. It's available as a free download and more impressively, they'll mail you a free European album size copy from Switzerland, for nothing.

Moebius does a superb job breaking down nearly a hundred and fifty years across 8 pages of comics. He starts with Henry Dunant, founder of what would become the International Comitteee of The Read Cross, on a battlefield in Solferino, Northern Italy, in 1859, follows Dunant's efforts with very carefully chosen moments and moves up to present day with a brief overview of the work and growth of the Red Cross/Red Crescent.

It's a compelling story and gives Moebius the opportunity to work in most of the styles we've seem from him. He effortlessly melds Alex Raymond like photorealism with his grainy Blueberry style and brief glimpses of the clearline cartoon style that appears sometimes in his SF work.

This is so good at doing it's job that I'd recommend getting the print version even if you had to pay for it. You can link to the order page here and hopefully it's still available.