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Posted by Peter Bangs on Wednesday, December 29, 2010,
Walter Mosley wrote a children's book, what is now called a YA (young adult?) novel. I've read much of Mosley's work and been impressed by it all, his Easy Rawlins novels are some of the finest examples of crime fiction on the market and books like The man in THe Basement" make him stand out even more as a writer. Mosley gives me, a middle-aged white man, a brief glimpse of what it would be like to have been black in the 50's and 60's in the Southern USA, a look at the fear and the r...
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The Story of an Idea

Posted by Peter Bangs on Wednesday, December 29, 2010,
Anyway, money is tight and if I want a comics fix that's left me with anything I can get for free. Not being a gamer, a techie or a furry 70% of webcomics I looked at sailed through the outer atmosphere and over my head. I read a manga on line (Mushi Shi) which was absolutely superb and I want to purchase it asap, but I won't bit torrent stuff so little worth reading was left to me on that front.

So I started fishing around for free, downloadable pdf comics. Amid a whole load of rubbi...
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the excitement of the ordinary

Peter Bangs Married, two kids, mortgage, going into business with my wife and frankly terrified. Welcome to my little bit of sanity. I've spent 39 of my 46 years wanting to create stories and comics and achieving very little (a 200 page comic and a 24hour comic 10 years or more ago and very little since) so this is where I'm getting serious. Do work, put it out there, move on. Currently blog, reviews and a bunch of artwork will appear here, comics will be hosted on comicsfury with a link from here on the words and pictures page. Now let loose the dogs of war. ( that would have been so much more effective in capitals with lots of exclamation points. ) And the picture's of my son.
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