The Daily Viking project made me draw something on a near daily basis, admitedly a couple were late, and left me with a desire to do another such project.  After weeks of mulling it over, trying to come up with a subject that had some meaning to me gave up.  As often happens, as soon as you stop trying to force something it comes together for you.  Trees.  TREES!  I'm a country boy born and raised and trees have always been a massive part of my life.  Much of my childhood was entwined with trees, from climbing them to cutting them down.  From branches that made bows and arrows, crabapple launchers or doubled as swords, guns and machetes for jungle exploration in the acres of 6ft high ferns bordering the woods at the end of our garden.  There was the stunted little Oak on the footpath that parrallelled our garden and housed a monster that would snatch me away if I took my eyes off it when I passed by.  There was the pair of climbing firs that a friend set fire to the bottom of while I was half way up.  The massive Oak that housed the rope swing that took us on a journey over the swamp and brambles that boardered the Bunny Stream.  There was... there was all that and so much more.

And so there is now "52 trees".  A weekly drawing of a tree to encompass the sheer breadth of sizes and shapes of the trees that are local to me.  Next week I'm on holiday in the alien climes of Camber Sands, so there will be practice trees, but the following week (week 1 of 52) there will be the first local resident.